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First Friday

Yesterday was my first Friday off since the month of May. In between getting together with friends, I spent some time at the work desk. Work was a bit slow because I kept getting up to fill my coffee cup (thank you Peter Shire!) and the heat kept drying my brush way too fast. Anyway, onwards now, have I introduced you guys to my scroll?

Another one of my "sketch books"

Haha I get a kick out of calling it a sketch book because it’s a sketch book that I roll out on my desk. For now, I’ve decided not to cut anything out of it and I hope not to change my mind. I bought it from Hiromi in Bergamont Station. It’s so hard to be working so near to that store. Anyway, I had an excuse to buy this roll when my chinese sketch pad went missing. I found it wedged underneath a drawer about a couple days later.

Here’s some stuff from the scroll. I ended up flipping through my Chinese art history text book yesterday. I was so not interested in that class at the time, but I’m falling more in love with ink and i’ve been finding myself drawn to Chinese paintings.

There's a reason why the Chinese start learning their art when they're young. It's freaking hard!

Oscar Wilde made it in the sketchbook yesterday too. Haha got distracted.

These are from when I first got the scroll weeks ago. I think it was even still June then.

I can never get it like the first time

Heart drips

Sigh, it’s been so nice to be able to just sit and work on things I’ve been wanting to learn and enjoy the process of making work. I know I can’t always be in the sketchbooks though. I remember reading something in Bob Dylan’s Chronicles about how he never practices, his practice was when ever he got on stage and performed. I’ll find the real quote when I come across it again. I’ve just added the book to my re-read pile because I didn’t dog-ear any of the good parts.

Anyway, happy weekend everyone! Listen to some Death Cab, go outside and enjoy the sun! Summer will be quick! It’s all too quick! I’m off to check out the Bloom Fest with Judith.


“Every day in LA is the real Carmeggedon”

No, these sketches have no connection to Carmeggedon except that most of them were made this past Sunday afternoon. Don’t you wish we could all travel around on hot air ballons though? No? Maybe?

Anyway, here’s some ideas of a possible neighborhood. I had to go in Carl & Ellie world for a bit, but can’t stay too long. It’s too sad.

Testing out ballons


As far as I go with architecture

Maybe it's a little darker than I had wanted. (From Saturday I think)

Came across this lost little guy. I think I did this back in Feb.


By the way, it was a mistake to watch that whole Carl and Ellie clip. It’s still sad. Crap.

7/12/11 and who knows when

The first is from last week. The dates on doodles come and go. The second is my sketch from late last night. The wind-down to get to sleep is a long process, but i’m trying to get any kind of ink down before going to sleep.

Micron on Watercolor Paper

Micron on Watercolor Paper (about 2"x2" in.)

Growing a wave

Exhausted, but I was able to get back to my “wave” that I started last night. I feel like everything I draw always ends up looking like a tree. I haven’t decided how much process I want to put up here. Or maybe just put finished work, but then you’d rarely see anything. Or maybe I should just not think about it too hard. Yeah, i’m tired so let’s do that for now.

It was suppose to be a wave.. starting to look tree-like, who knows what it'll look like tomorrow.

Good night and go listen to some Foster the People. They’ll make you dance.

First Sketch Post

Hi You!

Introducing the new home for my sketches! I got tired of showing people old paintings that don’t look like me anymore. Though, they are no less important, (see them HERE) let’s just focus on the present. These partial uploads will do for now until I figure out/make time to properly get my work online. Most are ideas or reminders of ideas.

These are just the first few sketches I found on my instagram. I originally made a non-tumblr blog for these so that I’ll use my camera to upload better quality photos of my stuff, but I can’t find my cord to connect my camera to my laptop. That’s just my luck! Anyway, bear with these for now.

Chinese ink on watercolor paper

Chinese Ink on Watercolor Paper

Chinese Ink on Watercolor Paper

Archival Ink on Watercolor Paper

Chinese Ink on Chinese Rice Paper