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Drags of the pen

Once upon a time, I use to be premed, and dying because I was so unhappy. Ha. It was what I thought I wanted to do.

Anyway, I use to do these crazy drawings that came out because of stress. I’d draw without thinking and then sometimes I’d see things in them once I had finished. Does that sound a little scary? Maybe. It was scary for me sometimes. I had always wished I could do cuter things. But anyway, you can’t deny the drags of the pen sometimes.

I did some freestyle drawing yesterday and found these guys. I thought I couldn’t do those crazy sketches anymore, but lo and behold, I just needed a little more stress to push me over the edge. Haha excuse the sarcasm. It’s a coping mechanism.

30 Aug 2011

30 Aug 2011

It feels like my old stuff, but not. Haha. The same, but different. Anyway, I’m half out of my mind right now. You know what I think, I think life is hard and it will always throw curve balls. Grab the strongest thing you can find and hang on.

Okay enough drab from me. Listen to Pedro Soler and his son, Gaspar Claus HERE. They’ll make your soul feel better.


Heart Swells

Hello! I’ve been meaning to drop this sketch on here. I’ve been busy with work and moving (again) and i’ve had the lovely excuse of not having internet and avoiding communication. Is that horrible? It is. It’s the introvert in me. But you know what, I know communication is so essential to relationships and to keeping ties with the people you care about in this life. I get tired and I think it’s an excuse to hideaway, but we (I) should be trying harder every day. Anyway, here we go.

I started working on this sketch during the move I think. A good deal of this was done at the Ford dealership in Alhambra when I was getting my car done. That isn’t important or anything. It’s just a fun detail for me to remember. The sketch is a stem off that sketch with the sail boat a couple sketches down from here. I’ve been trying to get the strokes like the first time I did them on that smaller sketch. Can never get it like the first time.

Heart Swells (Beginnings)

I think I need to get a scanner, or at least figure out how to better focus my camera. I have to control myself from fussing over things like that before uploading or else you would never see anything on here. The downsides of being a perfectionist. Just making them better as I go now.

Anyway, must get back to work. Working on bigger swells right now and I found some music by Gaspar Claus and Sufjan Stevens! My gosh! Two of my faves on one track! Can’t let it go to waste!

Oh, and I am now a resident of Santa Monica. I miss the east side already.

Weary Eyes and Willing Hands

Ahh so sleepy! But here’s some sketches from last week and the weekend. I, for some reason, started painting in color. That’s totally not normal for me, but I guess I was enamored enough by the watercolors I bought last weekend from my visit up north. I even took out the pigments I got from an illumination class I took at the Getty early this year.

The Chinese watercolors I got from San Francisco (yes, that is a giant crayon thermos)

The cloud before I messed with it. I documented it in case it became too unrecognizable.

Storms brewing for something good I hope

Last Friday, while I should have been doing other things on my to-do list, I visited the MOCA to see the Art on the Streets show before it closed just today (it’s still Monday to me). Anyway, after some awesome hot dogs at the Arts District, Sunny and I went to this little spot I found in highland park where I sketch. Then I met her cocker spaniel that wanted to kill me, ate popsicles til my stomach wanted to heel over and watched Thor. Thank God for friends like Sunny.

Let's, you and I, sail away together

This was from earlier, but my weary eyes have failed my willing hands tonight. I find those phrases funny. I’m easily amused and slightly delusional right now. I don’t pull out the pencil that often, so this was surprising. Nothing really significant finished because I’m so dang tired from work.

Sighing hands

Alright. That is all. Go listen to some Animal Collective because they’ll make you happy. Wooo!

August Things

So it’s a new month! Lots of new things this month! I got my new camera cord, thank goodness. So hopefully no more photos from my ugly phone. I haven’t been at the desk since last week though because it was so busy and now i’m coming into another state of makeshift again with the move back to the west side. Anyway, less talk, more pictures!

From Sunday or Monday of last week. Does this mean that I slightly equate the stream of life to a kiddie pool???

I found a nice park off Marmion Way (but you have to go through Ave 57) in Highland Park. By the time I found a place to sit, the sun was practically gone. Ugh.

Here’s some old stuff that I got to take photos of. They’ve been on hold because of the camera cord going missing. Anyway, this first sketch was started and finished in NY. I got the sketchbook after the St. Patty’s parade and then wandered into Central Park. I remembered yelping for art stores while I was in the park. Haha that park was giant. I loved how one side of the park was so completely different from the other. Anyway, I found this art store near Columbus Circle and then found some restaurant to charge my phone (phone = navi = which trains back to Jane’s) where I got a really greasy mushroom quesadilla. I don’t know why I think just because it has mushroom in it, I think the quesadilla will be healthier. So wrong.

My might-be header. Thinking about it.

I don't know what this guy is, but he's made of an ink wash splotch and some pen.

Lama from a magazine I ACCIDENTALLY stole from a cafe in Venice. Those crying eyes up top made it on to another work which is in progress. (6/1/11)

Some attempt at a bubble. I think my reference was this man in Central Park who was blowing giant bubbles with some rope and sticks. That was fun.

Anyway, okay I’m done! Ah so tired! Good night! Listen to some Port St. Willow before bed — my gosh it’s beautiful.