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I can’t tell if they’re beginnings or ends


can't seem to get it yet

c1, c2, c3, 0.5 of c4


A Different Kind of Light

yellow (3.5 x 5.5 in.)

from fire to growth (3.5. x 2.5 in.)

Some winding-down-for-bed doodles from last night.

Here’s some lovely beats of a friend of a friend.  Now off to bake some congratulatory cookies for another friend (ahem Yoonie!) who just kicked ass on her boards!

Growth Studies

Remember when I said that everything that I draw always ends up looking like a tree (or some growing thing with a similar nature)? Yeah… so here’s some more of that.

growth study (Noir)

growth study (Emerald)

These were born after coming home from a BBQ at a friend’s place. A conversation led up to this guy’s artwork (CLICK HERE!). His girlfriend was quite the advocate for his work (Hi Chichi!). She showed me Mike’s tiny buildings on her iPhone and said that he draws cities the size of doorways. Jealous, oh so jealous!

growth study (Midnight)

Things that currently make me face palm:

  • I love sketching, but sometimes I feel frustrated and bound by these books because of time contraints I guess, among other things. I just want time to be infinite sometimes, or time to freeze. Is that the same thing?
  • This in-between phase. I get it’s all a process and all that blah, but still. These circumstances have put me in a temporal mindset, which I guess isn’t all bad but still, difficult I tell you. You don’t know how long you’re going to be in one place or how long you’re going to get to keep something. I sound like I’m dying haha! I promise I’m not!

Go listen to some Cat Power! Her music feels like the night.


Hello Autumn



  • It’s Autumn! Such a beautiful season. Wish I was in New York for it though. Ha I always wish I was in New York. In due time.
  • It’s also October, which means three more months of 2011. Crazy!
  • Oh that also mean i’m reaching the half way mark to my birthday, which is also crazy but you know what, i’m still at a point where the aging is doing me good. Oh the twenties. Let me tell you something, these are the years you just want to strangle someone sometimes. Haha, i’m only kidding. Not. Sorry. My jokes are never funny. Anyways!
  • I was bedridden for the past couple days so i’ve been able to sketch a little and watch some good documentaries, that is when my head wasn’t throbbing so hard. Eh, bad for the hunt. Good for the books.

Recommended documentaries:

  • The Universe of Keith Haring (soooooo goood!)
  • Milton Glaser: To inform and Delight (if you do any kind of design, this is definitely a must see!)
  • The Cool School (interesting to see what the Los Angeles art scene has gone through. go see all the PST exhibitions!)

“You are in the stream of life whether you like it or not. And if you going to be in the stream of life, you have to accept the responsibilities. I would like a few more of the pleasures, but there doesn’t seem to be time.” -Lawrence Weiner [Watch him here!]

Have a lovely week!

Meet This Blue Eyed Whale

My Little Blue Eyed Guy

I apparently have midnight blue watercolor. The wrapper on the tube totally looks black to me and the writing’s in chinese ha. Don’t ask.

I do love all things blue! Listen to this with me!