Monthly Archives: November 2011

Autumn is Falling Fast

Hello hello! It’s been a while. It’s all a result of my usual excuses. But who cares, excuses are excuses. I thought having more time would allow me to finish work that i’ve been putting on hold for a while, but it’s difficult to continue when i’m in such a different space (yes yes another move). In case you didn’t catch that, that was another excuse ha. Anyway, i’m hoping to get back to these pieces and finish them soon. Some of them go as far back as four apartments ago. That’s right, four apartments haha.

I haven’t been anywhere but the sketchbooks these days. I need to get real work done though, new or old. I can’t be in the sketchbooks forever. Anyways, these guys are from the past couple of weeks.

Leaf studies

I drew as many leaves as I could today until it got too cold to sit outside. I hate these shorter winter days.

possibly rain

As you can see, I ran out of daylight before I could take a better focused photo haha.

To be honest, I have no idea where this piece is going now. The original idea was over at the start. Must follow through with this one though.

hair studies

this sketch lives on a page full of panda sketches for the little sister's mug.

cloud studies

I also found something in my old journals. I was thinking about where I was this time last year (four apartments ago) and went through some entries. It was so odd to find something like this and I don’t know why I’m so okay with publicizing it. I don’t recall writing it, but I know exactly what I was talking about. Anyway, here’s my schizo self. Haha.

[from 1:05am Tuesday 30 November 2010]
I had a dream that I delved into the dark dungeons of my heart, 
into the basements of bitterness and into the dumpster of old dreams. 
I saw that nothing was as it seemed. 
Dreams were answers for comfort and relief 
and bitterness grew and burst at the seams. 
These places were hard to visit, 
difficult to view such horrid things. 
But I was there to be rid of them
and replace them with a life that shines and sings. 
My heart is better occupied now. 
It never feels bad for believing it deserves such happiness. 

Have a lovely rest of the week! Do go outside any chance you get, the leaves are falling fast.