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Holiday Uproar

Hello hello! The house is in an uproar right now. We’re getting ready for the trip down to SoCal. I’m happy to report that we’re spending Christmas in the hometown! Nothing will replace the holidays of my childhood, but any liking to the old days is always nice to have. Anyways!

Some things i’ve been working on:

Rebound old sketchbook paper. My process was a bit messy, but decent for a first one.

I'm finishing up this new watercolor pad. Travel size.

I have to drill holes through the book. Yay for power tools!

From the pages. About a week old.

I had a bit of a creative paralysis about a week ago. I had a bunch of things to do, but couldn’t get started. I ran into this list around that time and actually ended up trying some things — cleaned my workspace, went on a tour of SF with my cousin, and caught up with an old friend. Just being in the city does me good sometimes. It could be a timing thing or probably a mood thing, but it helped me shake some things off. Anyway, here’s the list.

One thing I would add to this list though, always keep at least one sketchbook (or notebook, etc.) open at your work table. Even after deciding you’re going to sit down and draw something, the hardest part for me sometimes is opening the sketchbook.


lyrics from Islands in the Stream

I heard Feist and Constantine’s cover of this song recently. The song reminds me of Saturday mornings when we’d wake up to my dad’s roaring music (I think HBO or VH1 had something playing on the Bee Gees) and Mya haha.

Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe on your travels and i’ll see you in 2012! That is, if the world doesn’t end wahahaha! I’m kidding!


A Frozen Sea

Hello Hello! I’m happy to report that the Christmas cards are well on their way and the printing is getting better. I thought a rubber roller was necessary, but a foam roller has been working just fine. Printing’s messy, but I like the labours process. We’ll see how this all goes. Haha i’ll laugh if I end up hand drawing everything instead.

Last night's carving

I find random photos like this in my camera when the little brothers are around


“It [Art] may be an ethical expression of life itself; wherein not the work but the life itself is the main thing. Then life is not ‘heartless,’ not a mere means of achieving by struggle a goal of aesthetic perfection; instead the product, the work, is an ethical symbol; and the goal is not some sort of objective perfection, but the subjective consciousness that one has done one’s best to give meaning to life and to fill it with achievement worthy to stand beside any other kind of human accomplishment.”  – written by Thomas Mann in an homage to Franz Kafka

“Man can find no better retreat from the world than art, and man can find no stronger link with the world than art.” -Goethe

I went to our local public library yesterday to find Marukami’s Norwegian Wood. That was unsuccessful, but I did walk out with Franz Kafka’s The Castle instead. I have no idea what it’s about, but I recognized the name when I passed it on the shelf. It’s like seeing an interesting trailer that tells you nothing about the movie, then going to see it anyway. That’s always a hit or miss. Speaking of movies! I watched The Tree of Life the other day. Visually beautiful and it was an interesting method of storytelling. The story’s really intense though.

Anyways! That was a tangent, sorry. I found this in my sketchbook today. It was quite a few pages ago. I think I jotted it down from someone’s tweet or something. I’m pretty sure it was that little quote that sparked the water sketches I started around that time.

it's funny how things stick to us

Alrighty, back to work now!

Have a lovely weekend!

Warm My Cold Cold Hands

It is freaking cold!

Sooo I finally gave printmaking a try! I’ve had the ink and carving tools for weeks, but hadn’t touched it. Remember my little blue eyed whale? Well, he’s on a linoleum block now. The print still has this weird texture though. I can’t get the right amount of ink on the block yet. Anyway, that’s in the works.

Hi there printmaking!

Oh and this guy…

resistent... we're playing a game

Remember in my last entry when I said I don’t know where this one’s going? Well yeah, I still don’t know. Haha. BUT it has taken an odd turn. It’s a fun little game that i’m playing with this one.

Oh and here!

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim.” – Oscar Wilde

A lovely friend of mine told me to look up Oscar Wilde’s preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray. He mentions the artist, art and it’s role — always an interesting discussion, but also annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I love the tension, but the subjectivity of art is both a curse and a blessing.

Anyway, lots to get to right now… christmas cards, The Tree of Life before I have to return it, and that resistant drawing…

Oh and phone calls and emails… Being far away from good friends means a lot of my day is spent writing emails and playing phone tag. Missing people is one of the most bittersweet things I know.

Stay warm You.

Onwards now.