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Read as I Talk to Myself

Hello hello all!

It’s almost a month since i’ve written and much has happened. I’m happy to say that i’ve been spending less time in the sketchbooks and more time on actual pieces (lo and behold! actually carrying out a goal!). I wish I could tell you that it was all intentional, but it actually has just been working out that way. I’ve been having to commute to SF a lot, so train time has been reading time, which I am completely okay with because otherwise I spend more time buying books than actually reading them. So coming home late into the evening has meant less time to just work on random things — i’ve had to pick and choose lately.┬áThe poor sketchbooks have been sitting around untouched, but that all changes next month (ahem! next week!).

This is where i’ve been during the few nights and weekends that i’ve actually gotten sit at the work table:

progress, progress...

woodblock printing

My cousin was staying over last weekend and she let me use her InDesign to sketch something up. I’ve been mulling this one over for a while now and when my cousin said her school (AAU = AWESOME) just sent all their students the updated version of the new adobe creative suite (WTF right?!), she let me give it a test drive. I’ve got changes to make, but i’m happy to wrestle with typography any day.

Oil Paint, we have to work this out...

I pulled out my oil paints this past weekend. They were a gift from a lovely friend (ahem! kristine!) — what was it? a birthday or christmas? Anyway, she lovingly gave me a sweet set a while back, but my relationship with oil is not a great one so these paints haven’t seen the light of day in a while. This little 6″x 9″ is an experiment, possibly for something of a larger scale (possibly!). I dread the clean up of oil paint! Ugh! MUST. RESIST. COMPLAINING. (!!!!!!) I wonder if it’s safe to say that ink is the love of my life? Maybe i’m being hasty?

Oh and news, i’m in the process of putting some prints up for sale on my Bluecanvas site, but of course procrastination and my excuses are getting in the way. Setting my deadline to next Tuesday (no take backs!). Tuesday. February. A new month, which probably means the coming of a new phase. My life usually happens in 6 month intervals (reoccurring pattern since my youth), but lately the game changes about every month. Mhmm, i’ve gotten use to it. Most days it’s a good thing.

Oh oh! Last note, if you’re wondering why the photos above are so poorly focused, it’s not just because i’m lazy and sleepy, but it’s also partially because they’re all in ugly unfinished states. This blogging and documenting thing is good, you know, in case I screw the whole thing up by “trying something new”.

Alas! Good night! AHH! Blogging takes so much longer than you think.

Okay. Okay. Finis!

Onwards people!



Happy 2012 all! Christmas has come and gone and i’m glad to be rid of 2011. The holiday hurrah in Temecula with the family friends was awesome and catching up with good friends in LA was a lovely little recharge before the start of the new year. Things are still no less uncertain, but i’m glad to say that i’m excited for what’s unfolding this year.

Anyway, here are some things I worked on during the holidays.

I finished my sketchbook!

It’s an 6″x8″ book that involved slicing up watercolor paper, chalkboard paper, every kind of glue (good old elmer’s is best by the way), using a power drill, failing with string as a binder, and eventually binder rings.

Holiday doodle. Wish I came up with these in time for Christmas cards. Next year I guess.

piece continued


I hope to finish this piece soon. I’m hoping to spend less time in the sketchbooks this year and complete more projects. And I’m not really one for resolutions, but I have been thinking about some things I want to do in the coming year or perhaps years. I always hear that i’m young, so why not?

Anyway, cheers to the new year!

Onwards now!