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Over and Over Again

Another late post. It’s 11:23pm. Can I finish by quater til midnight??? Challenge accepted!

My birthday month is coming to a close. It’s been busy work weeks, weekends in SoCal and thursday nights at SFAI for oil painting. The SoCal trips have been awesome, but my homesickness is only getting worse and my heart explodes over and over again every time I think of it.

Anyway, I quickly sat with some music and did this little number. It isn’t anything but satisfying to sit with a sheet of paper and some ink.

another heart explosion

One of the initial goals of this blog was to get me to sit with some kind of paper and ink at least once a day, whether it was for 5 minutes or an hour. It’s quite the challenge and it doesn’t happen as often as I would want it to. But I did finally get to sit down with my ink today. I started a short term oil painting class a couple weeks ago, so between the traveling and working, I’ve just been with the oils. I missed my ink.

And yes, I started an oil painting class! It’s been awesome. I’ve never really been a fan of oils, but only because I feared it… because I didn’t know how to use the medium. So now I’m taking a class! Ha! What the unknown can do to us! Anyway, we were given a reading for next week’s class. It’s an excerpt from Richard Schmid’s Alla Prima, Everything I know about Painting. (If you ever come across a copy, read even one paragraph and it would be helpful!)

“As painters, however, we must always remember that our precious poetic visions and spiritual insights will remain forever locked within us until we can boil them down to a complex arrangement of a few hundred or possibly even thousands of brushstrokes. Each of those strokes has four main characteristics — color, value, edges and drawings. Those are the only things that get onto our canvas — Art happens in the mind of the person seeing them.”

In other news, the work space has been filing with canvases and paper palettes.

taking up space

Oils are so interesting. I’m obsessed with textures and details that draw a viewer in — it’s the reason why I walked straight up to a canvas when I view art and why I love ink and paper. But I don’t get textures in the same way when I work oils. It’s so indirect, so different! I haven’t figured out a process that is satisfying. BUT I am loving color mixing! That is satisfying in a different, but almost equal way! I love it. (When I say satisfying, I mean to the soul.)

Okay. Done. So abrupt, I know. That’s been happening a lot lately. But it’s 11:59pm. At least it’s before midnight. I’ll probably pay for this in the morning. Train time is sleep time.

Have a great rest of the week!

Onwards now.

P.S. I miss you SoCal. So much.


Invisible Strings

It is now 11:02pm as I write this and as always, though I attempt to sleep at 10:30pm there is always some kind of delay. Usually some life business of some sort and now my brain is too stimulated/stressed to sleep. Anyway, maybe if I stop blabbering on I would make it through this post in 15 minutes like I intend. 11:04pm.

So during my recent visit to LA, I taught my friend’s kids to write letters. I brought them stationary, taught them how to write addresses on an envelope and gave them a load of stamps in an Altoids smalls container. I’m hoping that even kids of their generation would experience the loveliness of receiving handwritten letters and experience how connections can be kept even at great distances. It is SO difficult to miss people, but I try really hard to believe in the invisible string that connects us all. Anyway, I received a letter from one of the littles ones last week when I got home.

Abigail’s letter! She said that she wanted to tell the mailman that she was 6 years old in case he was wondered about the handwriting.

So in reply to Abigail’s letter, I made her a little card. I initially made a half-ass one last night, then reopened the envelope again and made her something a little better. It’s 11:19pm now by the way. Onwards.

She’s a clever little kid so hopefully she’ll enjoy it.

The letter insert

I guess it’s hard to tell from the photo that it’s a cutout, but I got super excited by how it turned out!

A lovely little light effect from the cutout.

Okay that’s all for now. Things i’ve been working on… just these tiny things from last weekend. A 22″x30″ sheet of paper from Hiromi awaits these dark graphite creatures.

Graphite + Chinese Ink

Okay. I am off. Good night You.

Onwards now.