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September’s End

Hello hello,

It’s the tail end of September and the beginning of my favorite season — Autumn! I’ve been waiting for the leaves at the Park to turn color. I don’t think they have yet.

Just some quick uploads. It was the end of a two week pose with our model yesterday. My painting is so unfinished! I tried to just draw her body in and get the composition correctly and then directly paint in her facial features. It’s so difficult! I’m too dependent on graphite and lines. I know it’s not always a bad thing, but direct painting is my weakness. Anyway, here we go. Our model had cerulean irises and black navy pupils. So awesome.


I feel like I shouldn’t post such unfinished things on here. But it’s all part of the process I guess. Anyway. Onwards.

Next week, my schedule changes and i’m hoping to finally start on some of my own projects. I pulled out some ink on wednesday and have been in these pages.

you should never lose your own calligraphy

thumbnails and composition studies

Oh and I forgot to post this shot last time. They’re my thumbnails for my Grandma’s drawing (remember the last post?). It’s funny how things are born and then see how they end up.

original idea on top right

Anyway, i’m off. A lot of work to do. As always. Stay lovely.


Always onwards.


Drawing From Life


This is Ennis. Doesn’t he have the coolest name? I hope I spelled it correctly. He said it was like Dennis, but without the D. Apologies for the terrible photo from my phone. But not bad for a first finished drawing from life huh? Could be cleaner, but I worked my ass off during this pose. But of course, there is always something more you could do. Ha so just no regrets! Sigh. Stressful, but freaking fun.

Oh and story! My painting instructor said the funniest thing to me yesterday. She said, “It’s better to be wrong than tentative.” It was all the context of my painting of course, but seriously lady, story of my life. Lol. Then my anatomy instructor goes and says last night, “Think three times, draw once.” Oh the things you learn in the life drawing room.

Alrighty. Have to go. New York’s waiting.

Onwards now.

Inhabit the Air

Happy Birthday to my Mom and Grandma today! Yup! My grandma had my mom on her birthday! That sounds weird. But you get it. How awesome is that right?! Technically, it was the 15th for them yesterday. They’re half way around the world right now. My life exists in different timezones. Ha.

Here’s the little drawing I made for my Grandma. It’s was mailed off in August for my mom to give to her. That was fun.

“Stone in the road? I save every single one, and one day i’ll build a castle.” — Fernando Pessoa (written on the back)

Here’s a painting I finished yesterday! I was so excited to finish it! It was the last day of our two week pose with our live model, the lovely Karen! I’ve been taking classes at The Art Student’s League in New York City. So awesome.  My friend said it sounds like i’m part of some kind of secret society. Haha.


Doesn’t she look sleepy? Hahaha.. we have class early in the morning and I wish I had painted her eye after she had her morning coffee. Oh well no regrets. I like having that memory of her. Such a trooper.

Okay. Gotta run. California’s waiting on Skype. See, different timezones I tell you. I live in the air you see and i’m tied by a string to my lovely ones in different timezones. That’d be an interesting kid’s book.

K, stay lovely.

Onwards now.