Send Your Well Wishes Eastward

Hello hello! Reporting from New York. I just got back last week, just in time to prep for Hurricane Sandy. I was lucky enough to be staying in Long Island with my Aunt’s family and despite the current loss of electricity (i’m at a Panera across the street. Thank you bread!). We are very blessed to have been safe during the storm. Anyway, even with the power outage, i’ve proceeded to keep busy.

Lino Carving

I’ve taken on the task of making my little sister’s wedding invitation and they include a little print that I made. Hopefully it turns out well. Here’s a test, but the figures are about to undergo revision again because they look weird as silhouettes.

Test Print

And I took a whack at drawing chiaroscuro style the past two nights. Just some charcoal and a candle. I’m just starting to get a handle on charcoal, but it’s not bad for a drawing done in the dark.

Night Vision

Oh and here’s my finished poster study of Antonio Lopez Garcia’s Skinned Rabbit. I went home to San Francisco and found time to paint in between family hangs and wedding dress shopping for my little sister.

My Poor Little Bunny

I can’t wait to get back into the studio. The League’s been closed because of the crane on 57th Street. All my friends have told me it’s dangerously dangling or something. I’m had limited access to the Times since my phone’s been in and out of service so I haven’t seen the reports.

To all the East Coasters, I hope you’re staying safe and staying warm. And salutes, respect, prayers and hope to all the city workers and leaders working their asses off to get the city back into place. New York, always so resilient.

To everyone else (i’m talking to you California), do send your well wishes eastward.

Okay. Have to go! Have to beat the sunset home! Ahh!


Onwards now everyone.


One thought on “Send Your Well Wishes Eastward

  1. Judy says: has been having the best updates!
    Stay safe!! Miss you!

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