Eat All Them Birdies

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Oh Thanksgiving. I wish it was easier to teleport to my hometown, or to all my “homes” actually. Everyone who has been able to keep track of everything has a confused look on their face right now because they don’t know which “home” I’m talking about.

Okay, where was I going with this? Ah, Thanksgiving. Yes. Well anyway, someone asked me the other day what I was most thankful for in the past year or so. My answer: all the things that didn’t work out. Are you grinning with me when I say that?

Some things I’ve been working on. Ready? Oh and I have no idea why the photos are uploading with a disgusting yellow light. I refuse to retake them. Lazy. I know.

birthing sketches

Beginning sketches for a concept that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I do have to mention something. The other day (when I was sketching this) my social media feeds were full of letters of love to Justin Van Hoy who passed away recently. I didn’t know him personally, but he is one of the founders of THIS Los Angeles, which is this lovely little gallery that I use to visit in Highland Park. There are no words. Except, CANCER CAN SUCK IT.

Onwards now.

detail on a 22″ x 34″

I finally got some foam core big enough to keep this sheet of paper in. That detail is smaller than my fist. It’s just the beginning!

ink from class

I fooled around with some ink in class after being driven to madness by graphite. That angle of the eye and zygomatic is going to be the death of me. That is all.

Alright. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Double fist those turkey legs and take it solo on the apple pie!


Onwards now!





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