Fall Apart. Fall Into Place.

Greetings from the West Coast! Flew in just this past week. I’m currently in the bay area, but even as I sit and write this, I am surrounded by moving boxes and my undone book shelf. Another move is in the works and of course I don’t know for how long. Despite the turmoil, I know everything will fall into place, like it always has.

I wanted to wait to finish some other works in progress before I posted an update, but I haven’t posted anything since November and it is now 2013. So I thought this would be better than nothing. This little drawing is about 3×5 inches. It started as a “I can’t sleep doodle” and turned into something I worked on anytime I was on the subway. I should credit the subway’s hum and roar for contributing to this drawing. My heart aches for New York every time I think of it.



Have a lovely rest of the week! Extra love and hugs to my East Coast friends. I miss you already.

Keep hope. Onwards now.


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