A Lovely Eve

Tonight (7/10/13) is the eve of making my art website public and I am very excited. Trying to keep a cool exterior, but really, i’m squealing like a little girl inside.  DearLightYoung will continue to be my blog because I would hate to just abandon it, while finished work will go on my portfolio website. Though managing multiple platforms is a bit cumbersome, virb (I love them!) has made it pretty easy for me to keep everything linked and whatnot so i’m not worried! I’m just way too sentimental about this blog. It was just two years ago (almost to the date actually!) that I started this blog with the hopes that it would keep me accountable to always keep sketching, keep making, and at some point during my day to make it in front of some kind of pen and paper no matter what filled my schedule.

So visit my artwork at cararaejoven.com when you can. It was awesome to knock out a project like this on my to-do list. It’s a big one! And it makes me so happy to be making art that i’m proud enough to show as a portfolio. That’s a big deal for me. As I continue to move forward, more is happening. And though all that’s happening requires so much hard-work and so much patience, i’m happy to be moving forward and without a doubt, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And it makes me so happy to be able to say that.

And because I can’t let a post go without any sort of visual, here’s a detail shot of MagnificentThe full and finished work is on my website.


Magnificent (detail)

This head is actually completely different from the progress shot in my previous post. Yay for not messing her up! Phew!

Anyway, is it too late in the night for good nights? Never really right? Okay time to sleep. Starting to talk to myself. Have a lovely rest of the week! Visit my new site! Working on getting prints made! Those are in the works!

Onwards, everyone.


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