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Ill Wills

I’m bedridden and have been on cold medicine all day. I’m hoping a day in bed will be well worth the recovery. I’m being optimistic. Rare, though it shouldn’t be. My only recent drawing. (should I get up and go take a quick photo… should I go mount that sheet of parchment to start a new drawing… for my own mental health, yes.)

(For Crying Out Loud) work in progress

(For Crying Out Loud) work in progress



Done and done. That took way too long. Excuse the yellowness of the photos. The light in my room is very yellow and very annoying. Well the NyQuill is really kicking in now.



Inhabit the Air

Happy Birthday to my Mom and Grandma today! Yup! My grandma had my mom on her birthday! That sounds weird. But you get it. How awesome is that right?! Technically, it was the 15th for them yesterday. They’re half way around the world right now. My life exists in different timezones. Ha.

Here’s the little drawing I made for my Grandma. It’s was mailed off in August for my mom to give to her. That was fun.

“Stone in the road? I save every single one, and one day i’ll build a castle.” — Fernando Pessoa (written on the back)

Here’s a painting I finished yesterday! I was so excited to finish it! It was the last day of our two week pose with our live model, the lovely Karen! I’ve been taking classes at The Art Student’s League in New York City. So awesome.  My friend said it sounds like i’m part of some kind of secret society. Haha.


Doesn’t she look sleepy? Hahaha.. we have class early in the morning and I wish I had painted her eye after she had her morning coffee. Oh well no regrets. I like having that memory of her. Such a trooper.

Okay. Gotta run. California’s waiting on Skype. See, different timezones I tell you. I live in the air you see and i’m tied by a string to my lovely ones in different timezones. That’d be an interesting kid’s book.

K, stay lovely.

Onwards now.


Happy 2012 all! Christmas has come and gone and i’m glad to be rid of 2011. The holiday hurrah in Temecula with the family friends was awesome and catching up with good friends in LA was a lovely little recharge before the start of the new year. Things are still no less uncertain, but i’m glad to say that i’m excited for what’s unfolding this year.

Anyway, here are some things I worked on during the holidays.

I finished my sketchbook!

It’s an 6″x8″ book that involved slicing up watercolor paper, chalkboard paper, every kind of glue (good old elmer’s is best by the way), using a power drill, failing with string as a binder, and eventually binder rings.

Holiday doodle. Wish I came up with these in time for Christmas cards. Next year I guess.

piece continued


I hope to finish this piece soon. I’m hoping to spend less time in the sketchbooks this year and complete more projects. And I’m not really one for resolutions, but I have been thinking about some things I want to do in the coming year or perhaps years. I always hear that i’m young, so why not?

Anyway, cheers to the new year!

Onwards now!

Autumn is Falling Fast

Hello hello! It’s been a while. It’s all a result of my usual excuses. But who cares, excuses are excuses. I thought having more time would allow me to finish work that i’ve been putting on hold for a while, but it’s difficult to continue when i’m in such a different space (yes yes another move). In case you didn’t catch that, that was another excuse ha. Anyway, i’m hoping to get back to these pieces and finish them soon. Some of them go as far back as four apartments ago. That’s right, four apartments haha.

I haven’t been anywhere but the sketchbooks these days. I need to get real work done though, new or old. I can’t be in the sketchbooks forever. Anyways, these guys are from the past couple of weeks.

Leaf studies

I drew as many leaves as I could today until it got too cold to sit outside. I hate these shorter winter days.

possibly rain

As you can see, I ran out of daylight before I could take a better focused photo haha.

To be honest, I have no idea where this piece is going now. The original idea was over at the start. Must follow through with this one though.

hair studies

this sketch lives on a page full of panda sketches for the little sister's mug.

cloud studies

I also found something in my old journals. I was thinking about where I was this time last year (four apartments ago) and went through some entries. It was so odd to find something like this and I don’t know why I’m so okay with publicizing it. I don’t recall writing it, but I know exactly what I was talking about. Anyway, here’s my schizo self. Haha.

[from 1:05am Tuesday 30 November 2010]
I had a dream that I delved into the dark dungeons of my heart, 
into the basements of bitterness and into the dumpster of old dreams. 
I saw that nothing was as it seemed. 
Dreams were answers for comfort and relief 
and bitterness grew and burst at the seams. 
These places were hard to visit, 
difficult to view such horrid things. 
But I was there to be rid of them
and replace them with a life that shines and sings. 
My heart is better occupied now. 
It never feels bad for believing it deserves such happiness. 

Have a lovely rest of the week! Do go outside any chance you get, the leaves are falling fast.

I can’t tell if they’re beginnings or ends


can't seem to get it yet

c1, c2, c3, 0.5 of c4


Back to this page. Tensions brewing.

Ah I told you I didn’t know how much or little of the process I was going to include on this blog. I’ve had too much on my plate to have enough of a moment to sketch something substantial, but this page is where I am. I revisited the sketches (some of which I think were done before this blog was born) and added anxious little thoughts to the page.

“Here everything is so wholly what I consider beautiful. In other words, there is peace here.” -Vincent Van Gogh

I revisit his letters a lot too.

New and Old Flames

Happy week after Labor Day Weekend! Ha! I’m trying to funny. It never works when I try. Anyway, onwards! Last week, I found this photo of an old drawing in my files. It’s from my days of premed stress in the college dorms.

27 December 2009

I’m pretty sure this was a photo for my bluecanvas site. A lot of the work I did around that time had no thought of composition or narrative (not that I think those elements are necessary). Now, I think a lot of those crazy freestyle drawings/paintings were just places where I vomited every thing, like my sketchbooks now. Anyway. After I found this, I kept thinking about those flames.

Old flames

One of my best friends in San Diego invited me over for the weekend. She always let’s me run away to her when I’m stressed. It’s always been a convenient placebo to satisfy my actually urge to run away (so adult, I know). Anyway, San Diego always means bomb mexican food, the beach and childhood loves. It also meant time away from my desk and the giant work I was addicted to for the past week.

New Flames

I built this little fire before leaving for SD on Friday. I actually felt like painting with color, which is really rare for me. And! I totally fell in love with the movie Tangled! Ha, of course I loved the lanterns! I want to make actual ones without setting my apartment on fire.

Floating Lights (studies)

Anyway, have you ever had a bacon waffle before? Oh yes, they exist! Go to Harry’s Cafe in La Jolla! Seriously. Oh and listen to some Youth Lagoon, they’re lovely.

Good day You!

Heart Swells

Hello! I’ve been meaning to drop this sketch on here. I’ve been busy with work and moving (again) and i’ve had the lovely excuse of not having internet and avoiding communication. Is that horrible? It is. It’s the introvert in me. But you know what, I know communication is so essential to relationships and to keeping ties with the people you care about in this life. I get tired and I think it’s an excuse to hideaway, but we (I) should be trying harder every day. Anyway, here we go.

I started working on this sketch during the move I think. A good deal of this was done at the Ford dealership in Alhambra when I was getting my car done. That isn’t important or anything. It’s just a fun detail for me to remember. The sketch is a stem off that sketch with the sail boat a couple sketches down from here. I’ve been trying to get the strokes like the first time I did them on that smaller sketch. Can never get it like the first time.

Heart Swells (Beginnings)

I think I need to get a scanner, or at least figure out how to better focus my camera. I have to control myself from fussing over things like that before uploading or else you would never see anything on here. The downsides of being a perfectionist. Just making them better as I go now.

Anyway, must get back to work. Working on bigger swells right now and I found some music by Gaspar Claus and Sufjan Stevens! My gosh! Two of my faves on one track! Can’t let it go to waste!

Oh, and I am now a resident of Santa Monica. I miss the east side already.

August Things

So it’s a new month! Lots of new things this month! I got my new camera cord, thank goodness. So hopefully no more photos from my ugly phone. I haven’t been at the desk since last week though because it was so busy and now i’m coming into another state of makeshift again with the move back to the west side. Anyway, less talk, more pictures!

From Sunday or Monday of last week. Does this mean that I slightly equate the stream of life to a kiddie pool???

I found a nice park off Marmion Way (but you have to go through Ave 57) in Highland Park. By the time I found a place to sit, the sun was practically gone. Ugh.

Here’s some old stuff that I got to take photos of. They’ve been on hold because of the camera cord going missing. Anyway, this first sketch was started and finished in NY. I got the sketchbook after the St. Patty’s parade and then wandered into Central Park. I remembered yelping for art stores while I was in the park. Haha that park was giant. I loved how one side of the park was so completely different from the other. Anyway, I found this art store near Columbus Circle and then found some restaurant to charge my phone (phone = navi = which trains back to Jane’s) where I got a really greasy mushroom quesadilla. I don’t know why I think just because it has mushroom in it, I think the quesadilla will be healthier. So wrong.

My might-be header. Thinking about it.

I don't know what this guy is, but he's made of an ink wash splotch and some pen.

Lama from a magazine I ACCIDENTALLY stole from a cafe in Venice. Those crying eyes up top made it on to another work which is in progress. (6/1/11)

Some attempt at a bubble. I think my reference was this man in Central Park who was blowing giant bubbles with some rope and sticks. That was fun.

Anyway, okay I’m done! Ah so tired! Good night! Listen to some Port St. Willow before bed — my gosh it’s beautiful.

“Every day in LA is the real Carmeggedon”

No, these sketches have no connection to Carmeggedon except that most of them were made this past Sunday afternoon. Don’t you wish we could all travel around on hot air ballons though? No? Maybe?

Anyway, here’s some ideas of a possible neighborhood. I had to go in Carl & Ellie world for a bit, but can’t stay too long. It’s too sad.

Testing out ballons


As far as I go with architecture

Maybe it's a little darker than I had wanted. (From Saturday I think)

Came across this lost little guy. I think I did this back in Feb.


By the way, it was a mistake to watch that whole Carl and Ellie clip. It’s still sad. Crap.