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A Lovely Eve

Tonight (7/10/13) is the eve of making my art website public and I am very excited. Trying to keep a cool exterior, but really, i’m squealing like a little girl inside.  DearLightYoung will continue to be my blog because I would hate to just abandon it, while finished work will go on my portfolio website. Though managing multiple platforms is a bit cumbersome, virb (I love them!) has made it pretty easy for me to keep everything linked and whatnot so i’m not worried! I’m just way too sentimental about this blog. It was just two years ago (almost to the date actually!) that I started this blog with the hopes that it would keep me accountable to always keep sketching, keep making, and at some point during my day to make it in front of some kind of pen and paper no matter what filled my schedule.

So visit my artwork at when you can. It was awesome to knock out a project like this on my to-do list. It’s a big one! And it makes me so happy to be making art that i’m proud enough to show as a portfolio. That’s a big deal for me. As I continue to move forward, more is happening. And though all that’s happening requires so much hard-work and so much patience, i’m happy to be moving forward and without a doubt, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And it makes me so happy to be able to say that.

And because I can’t let a post go without any sort of visual, here’s a detail shot of MagnificentThe full and finished work is on my website.


Magnificent (detail)

This head is actually completely different from the progress shot in my previous post. Yay for not messing her up! Phew!

Anyway, is it too late in the night for good nights? Never really right? Okay time to sleep. Starting to talk to myself. Have a lovely rest of the week! Visit my new site! Working on getting prints made! Those are in the works!

Onwards, everyone.


A Moment Ago

February feels like a long time ago. A House ago. A Wedding ago. A couple of trips ago. A portfolio ago. It’s been two trips to SoCal — to home. It’s been my giving my little sister away at her wedding. It’s been gaining a new brother. It’s been busy but it was all pretty damn beautiful. I have to admit, being back in northern California is a little tough coming from all that is my home in SoCal. I’ve been a little reluctant to get back in my chair and back to work.

Anyway, just a few images of things finished and in progress.

The Swelling, Oil, 22" x 28", 2013

The Swelling, Oil, 22″ x 28″, 2013

Affinity, Sumi Ink, 22" x 30", 2013

Affinity, Sumi Ink, 22″ x 30″, 2013

Magnificent (in progress)

Magnificent (in progress)

That drawing of the girl is undergoing revisions right now. I hope I don’t screw her up!

In other news, a few evenings ago I was researching website designs and I randomly came across this graduation speech on a website. Quite a tangent, but it’s pretty awesome.

I hope this finds you all well.

Onwards now.

Drawing From Life


This is Ennis. Doesn’t he have the coolest name? I hope I spelled it correctly. He said it was like Dennis, but without the D. Apologies for the terrible photo from my phone. But not bad for a first finished drawing from life huh? Could be cleaner, but I worked my ass off during this pose. But of course, there is always something more you could do. Ha so just no regrets! Sigh. Stressful, but freaking fun.

Oh and story! My painting instructor said the funniest thing to me yesterday. She said, “It’s better to be wrong than tentative.” It was all the context of my painting of course, but seriously lady, story of my life. Lol. Then my anatomy instructor goes and says last night, “Think three times, draw once.” Oh the things you learn in the life drawing room.

Alrighty. Have to go. New York’s waiting.

Onwards now.

I can’t tell if they’re beginnings or ends


can't seem to get it yet

c1, c2, c3, 0.5 of c4

Hello Autumn



  • It’s Autumn! Such a beautiful season. Wish I was in New York for it though. Ha I always wish I was in New York. In due time.
  • It’s also October, which means three more months of 2011. Crazy!
  • Oh that also mean i’m reaching the half way mark to my birthday, which is also crazy but you know what, i’m still at a point where the aging is doing me good. Oh the twenties. Let me tell you something, these are the years you just want to strangle someone sometimes. Haha, i’m only kidding. Not. Sorry. My jokes are never funny. Anyways!
  • I was bedridden for the past couple days so i’ve been able to sketch a little and watch some good documentaries, that is when my head wasn’t throbbing so hard. Eh, bad for the hunt. Good for the books.

Recommended documentaries:

  • The Universe of Keith Haring (soooooo goood!)
  • Milton Glaser: To inform and Delight (if you do any kind of design, this is definitely a must see!)
  • The Cool School (interesting to see what the Los Angeles art scene has gone through. go see all the PST exhibitions!)

“You are in the stream of life whether you like it or not. And if you going to be in the stream of life, you have to accept the responsibilities. I would like a few more of the pleasures, but there doesn’t seem to be time.” -Lawrence Weiner [Watch him here!]

Have a lovely week!

Weary Eyes and Willing Hands

Ahh so sleepy! But here’s some sketches from last week and the weekend. I, for some reason, started painting in color. That’s totally not normal for me, but I guess I was enamored enough by the watercolors I bought last weekend from my visit up north. I even took out the pigments I got from an illumination class I took at the Getty early this year.

The Chinese watercolors I got from San Francisco (yes, that is a giant crayon thermos)

The cloud before I messed with it. I documented it in case it became too unrecognizable.

Storms brewing for something good I hope

Last Friday, while I should have been doing other things on my to-do list, I visited the MOCA to see the Art on the Streets show before it closed just today (it’s still Monday to me). Anyway, after some awesome hot dogs at the Arts District, Sunny and I went to this little spot I found in highland park where I sketch. Then I met her cocker spaniel that wanted to kill me, ate popsicles til my stomach wanted to heel over and watched Thor. Thank God for friends like Sunny.

Let's, you and I, sail away together

This was from earlier, but my weary eyes have failed my willing hands tonight. I find those phrases funny. I’m easily amused and slightly delusional right now. I don’t pull out the pencil that often, so this was surprising. Nothing really significant finished because I’m so dang tired from work.

Sighing hands

Alright. That is all. Go listen to some Animal Collective because they’ll make you happy. Wooo!